sap full form and asap methodology in sap implementation project life cycle with step guide

sap full form and asap methodology in sap implementation  project life cycle with step guide:


you should see this link, if you looking for full detail of sap full form, then – .sap full form is Systems Applications Products in data processing.


What is ASAP methodology for implementation?

If you are doing any sap module course, then you should know how the asap methodology works? It is one of the most important topics in any sap module. Whether you are doing sap mm or sap fico or sap sd etc. you should know the implementations process of asap methodology.



sap full form and asap methodology in sap implementation  project life cycle with step guide



5 Steps of asap methodology or project life cycle:

There are 5 steps in any project life cycle. If you are new in sap implementation, then I would like to advise you that you should know these 5 steps. These are so important. These question can be asked by interview in sap fico consultant job. Let us start these.


  1. Project preparation: this is the first steps of asap methodology where you have to intiat the project planning. Here you will meet with project team and their main members. Here, you have to meet with the client and find out their needs. You have to understand their organization structure. So that you can do the work according to that. You have to tell the cline about the work that you can do. Apart from this, you have to do gap analysis. Gap analysis is the word that cannot be done by you. You can suggest some alternative options for it.


  1. Create blueprint: the next step towards project life cycle is to create blueprint. Blueprint is a documents of clients requirements.


  1. Realization: it is the steps where sap consultant do configuration in sap software.





For example: If you are a sap fico consultant, then in this steps, you have to create company code, charts of accounts, general group, general accounts and tolerance group etc. After doing the configuration in sap software accoding to client requirement, you have to test it before going to next 4 steps.


  1. Final preparation: Here as a consultant, you have to do many kind of test like user acceptance testing; stress and volume testing etc. if training is required, then you have to train the employee for new interface of sap software. Data migration is also done in this step. Data migration is the process in which non sap data is transferred into sap software by using some technique like SLMW.


  1. Go live and support: it is the last step of project life cycle. Here project becomes live after confirming and dosing all tests. Clients are also given full support in accordance of any kind of problem in sap that can be candle by our team in future.