How to build a good relationship with your partner

12 Relationship best advice for couples:

Healthy Relationships  means having good relationships is such a pleasant feeling that  every person in this world wants to have.

Relationships are like a pillar in our life on which the whole roof of our life rests. The more these pillars are strong, the more happy and longer life is.

As long as these pillars are safe, no power in the world can do any harm to the roof. Even if there is any problem, then this strong pillar handles everything very easily.

The advantage of being in a good relationship is that it gives  happiness manifold when it comes and reduces it manifold when it comes to sorrow.

12 Relationship best advice for couples 112 Relationship best advice for couples


Those who understand the importance of relationships  , whatever they may be, they leave no stone unturned to make relationships safe and strong, but on the contrary, those who do not understand the importance of relationships properly, they do not understand the importance of relationships. They accept the object or business, as a result they get that when the time comes, that is, when they are needed, they are unable to get the help of relationships and the happiness that comes from them.

Nowadays, money is being used to connect most of the relationships, whereas the reality is that relationships are very fragile, they cannot be attached to the burden of money, but to connect such a delicate experience, hearts are needed. Is.

The foundation of the relationship related to the heart is so deep that it is not possible for anyone to shake it. Everyone wants our relationship to be good and very strong  .

But many people often get asked many questions related to relationships like – How to make relationships strong? ( How to make strong relationships?)  Or What are the ways to build good relationships? ( What are the ways to build good relationships?)  Or How to make bad relationships good?

so friends! Keeping this in mind, I am writing this Hindi article to overcome the  relationship problems . Here I am giving you 12 Tips to Build Good Relationships  .

The specialty of these Relationship Tips is that whether it is a relationship of husband wife or a relationship of girl friend and boy friend, whether it is a relationship of friendship or a brother-sister relationship or any relationship in the world, I have mentioned Good Relationship Tips for all relationships . I will do the same thing.


12 tips to make relationships stronger & Healthy



Please read all these Healthy Relationship Tips very carefully and if you adopt these relationship advice  in your life then you will be able to make your relationships so strong that your whole life will be filled with the happiness and fragrance of these relationships-

1.Never weigh the relationship with money

Nowadays most of the relationships that are formed are being built with money. Keep in mind that any business can be done with money but good relationships  cannot be made from it. And even if it is made, it cannot last long.

Such a relationship is between money, not between hearts. If a relationship is weighed with money, then the focus remains on money, not on sharing happiness or sorrow. So never weigh your relationship with money.

2.Learn to accept mistakes-(Admit your Mistakes)

Whenever we make a relationship, sometimes some mistakes happen which are not done intentionally. Such Relationship Mistakes should be accepted immediately or forgotten.

If mistakes are made keeping them in mind again and again and again, then the relationship built will go on weakening. Admitting a mistake does not make one small, but it increases the trust in the relationship.

3.Listen carefully to the words of others also

To whomever you are related, do not keep telling him only about your own words or feelings, but also listen to his words very carefully. By doing this, the other feels that you are giving importance to his words and to him.

By doing this, one will strengthen the relationship between the two and you will also be able to know his feelings towards you.

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4.Take care of the person with whom you are related-(Be careful person)

To make relationships strong, it is important that you take care of your relationship very well. Give as much love as the relationship wants.

If someone is near, then take great care of their feelings from their food and drink, and if someone is far away, call them from time to time to make them realize that you miss them and you are caring for them.

5.Relationship should be with heart, not by mind

Whatever relationship you have with someone should be from the heart. Relationships built with a mind often get deceived and they do not last long. Relationships made from the heart always give happiness whereas relationships made with the mind always give tension.

A relationship made with the heart goes on like your heart beat whereas a relationship made with the mind keeps changing with thoughts. Therefore  , for a healthy relationship, the relationship should be from the heart.

6.Do not weigh any relationship by advantages and disadvantages-(Profit-Loss Vs Relationship)

Nowadays most of the people start weighing Relationship with Profit-Loss. The relationship which benefits, maintains it and the relationship which starts harming, ends it. It is absolutely wrong to do so. Relationships are meant for being together in happiness and sorrow.

When you don’t support someone in their sorrow, how will others support you in your sorrow? In a good relationship  , sometimes you will profit and sometimes others, but never compare the profits to be made.

7.It is very important to communicate and meet between good relationships-(Develop Better Communication for  Healthy Relationships)

Just as a plant needs water and fertilizer from time to time to grow, similarly building a strong relationship requires interaction and meeting.

Keeping good communication brings depth to the relationship. Someone has rightly said that meetings are necessary if relationships are to be maintained, otherwise plants also dry up by forgetting to plant them.

8.Trust is very important in relationships-(Trust is very important in Relationships)

The whole relationship rests on the strong pillar of faith . Trust is like a building in which if a relationship is flourishing, no matter how much rain, storm and storm may come, nothing can spoil that relationship.

Having trust in each other in the relationship also increases the depth of the relationship and also protects it from negative things.

9.It is very important to fulfill the promise or promise in relationships-(Fulfill your Commitment in Relationships)

Nowadays, there is a lot of commitment or promise in relationships but they are not fulfilled. This is also a big reason for the weak relationship.

If you want to create a healthy relationship, then it has to be kept in mind that either do not make a commitment and if you do, then make every effort to fulfill it. More than half of the relationships break because of the promise not being fulfilled.

10.Never compare relationships with knowledge (Knowledge Vs Relationship)

Relationships are strengthened by sharing happiness and sorrow. If knowledge is also shared in relationships, it will be pleasant to sleep. The thing to keep in mind is that a relationship can be done to share knowledge, but if knowledge starts being compared with each other, then the relationship starts to weaken there.

Someone is more or less in knowledge than you, if this comparison is done then there is no heart’s relationship  .


11.Give them some space in their life

Give some space in your life to the person with whom you want to have a good relationship. They should feel like your life is incomplete without them.

Do some work with them in such a way that they feel that you cannot do that work without them. For example, you can make them feel that they don’t feel well until you talk to them.

12.Forget old bad things and never hide anything from them

Sometimes such things happen in a relationship, it gives a bad experience, that is, you or someone else may have made some mistakes. It is good that once mistakes and bad things are forgotten, they should never be remembered. Because it is not wise to spoil the relationship by remembering the old things.

At the same time , it is important for a healthy relationship that you should never hide things related to your relationship from each other. When nothing is hidden, no doubt will ever be born.

Friends! Apart from these 12 Healthy Relationship Tips, I have 5  more relationship advice to tell you to overcome the relationship problems   , please also read these-

1- Giving more quantity of time does not necessarily keep the relationship good, but by making the time spent memorable, the relationship remains good.

2- It is also very good to give gifts from time to time to strengthen the relationship. Try this method sometime and then see its amazing.

3-  It  is important for healthy relationships that you maintain a good and positive feeling for them.

4- Support your relationships when needed and help them without asking when they are needed.

5- Always be loyal towards relationships and keep giving your love and affection to relationships when the time comes.

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